​Tax Reform

General Overview

Transamerica actively advocates on a variety of corporate and product-related tax issues before the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee. Many of our life insurance, annuity, employee benefit, retirement, and asset management products are directly tied to the federal tax code so it's important we share our views on any regulatory or legislative proposals that would impact them and, by implication, our policyholders, annuitants, customers, plan sponsors or plan participants.

Budget Reconciliation Legislation 

Transamerica actively lobbied along with the American Council of Life Insurers and industry peers for inclusion of a “tax stabilization” provision in the budget reconciliation legislation to calibrate two industry specific revenue raising provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act so that if the corporate tax rate was increased, those revenue raisers would be adjusted accordingly.

Looking Forward​

Transamerica will continue to anticipate and respond to tax proposals that would adversely impact our customers, our products, our company and our industry, including proposals to: increase the corporate tax rate; limit corporate deductions and exclusions; create a financial transactions tax; create a "wealth tax" to tax unrealized gains of some taxpayers; tax life insurance proceeds; limit the size of life insurance and annuity products; and more. ​

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