2019 Membership Levels and Benefits

*President Club Gift is given only to those individuals who contribute $5,000 in the calendar year. Gifts are sent after the end of the year.

We would like to give a Special Thank You to the following Transamerica Employees who contribute to the Transamerica PAC. Thank you for your support, and we're looking forward to a fantastic year! If you would like to join your colleagues, please click "Join Now"!


Jim Beardsworth
Mark Bloom
Joe Boan
Blake Bostwick
Julie Tschida Brown
Doug Caldwell
Kent Callahan
Joel Coleman

Catherine Collinson
Louise Costikyan
Jeanne de Cervens
Thomas Dempsey
Phil Eckman
David Hopewell
Seth Miller
Mark Mullin
Jay Orlandi

Dave Paulsen
Maurice Perkins
Brent Phillips
Scott Ramey
Matt Rider
Bill Schwegler
Frank Sottosanti
George Vega


Bradie Barr
David Coughlin
 Jim Demopolos
Joe DiPaola
Bonnie Gerst

Patrick Gustafson
 Mark Halloran
Wade Hampton

Eric Martin
Chad Meyers
Mark Pinocci
Lori Pope

Jody Puffett
Dave Schulz
Marijn Smit
Julie Spore
Ben Wadsley
Tom Wald


Scott Albertson
Brian Alford
David Beaudoin
Michael J Brown
Jack Chen
Andrew Erman
Carl Fagenbaum
Jeffrey Freeze
Chris Hooper

John Joseph
Michael Kiefer
Michael Nacarato
Jennifer Pearce
Mark Polking
Molly Possehl
Christopher Previti
Lori Price
Joseph Radecki

Laurie Renko
Ricky Resnik
Deborah Rubin
Michael Simpson
Anne Spaes
John Stanley
Christine Vorhies
Jeffrey Whitehead
Andy Williams


Tim Ackerman
Linley Baker
Curtis Benton
Matthew Burley
George Chuang
Joseph Cohran
Ryan Colerick
Matthew Collins
Steven Cornelius
Joel Cox
Susan Davies
Stephen Donahue
Mark Duesing
Susan Duff
Leesa Easley
Calvin Eib
Cheryl Finney
Walter Fritchen
Dennis Gallagher
Mike Gugig
Zachary Harris
Charmaine Hughes
 Courtney John
James Just
Karen Klein
John Koehler

Matthew Krigbaum
Sarah Lashley
Robin Lazarow
Holly Livingston
Bill Lloyd

Alan Marshall
Patrick McCarthy
Gretchen McRae
Mark Oehler
Angelo Ojeda
Lindsey Olson
Renee Onorato
Matthew O'Rourke
Lisa Patterson
Karen Perry
Patti Peterson Levi
Stephanie Phelps
Linda Quartaro
Andy Raver

Betty Reed
David Reynolds
Amy Rhodes

Brad Ridnour
Paul Sanchez-Masi
Michaell Santistevan
Andrew Schaad
Kate Schulze
Laura Scully
Eric Slack
Gregory Smith
Thomas St Andrews
Lorraine Stefanick
Congting Sun
Ty Uppinghouse
Phil Vaccarello
Annie Webb

Doug Weih
Steven Weinberg
Gary Werkman
Brian Westhoff
Annie Young
Darin Zimmerman



Chandra Abrams
William Henry Allen
Saundra Archuleta
Nick Arndt
Vishal Bamba
Michael Beck
Ryan Bertrand
Andre Boorady
Ken Bourque
Amy Bozic
Tom Briggs
Michael Brown
Amy Buckley
Kirk Buese
Jeff Caldwell
Steven Cammarata
Joseph Cantin
Wonjoon Cho
Abby Clark
Chris Conrad
Tillie Crosby
Caris Cummings
Janice Curcio
Honor Delancey
Joshua Durham
Stephanie Eades
Kevin Edwards
Doug Ewing
Jeffrey Ey
Mark Feygin
Brian Florey
Andrew Franco

Kyle Frette
Sam Frontera

Christoph Gabler

Yvonne Gardenier
Brandon Garvin

Daniel Goodman
John Greenwall

Paul Hampton
Christina Harper
Christy Hatter
Stephanie Hill
Dennis Hodge
Zahid Hussain
Mark Johnson
Linda Kurz
Rosa Levitt
Nathan Lowther
Frank Maher
Annamaria Malveaux
Christopher Marek
Greg McFarlane
Greg Miller-Breetz
Scott David Millikin
David Mitchell
Terry Murphy
Stephen Noonan
Joseph Noone
Calvin Norris
Bradley Norton
Bill Noyes
Stacey O'Hern
John Olsen

Pete Pancare
Cynthia Preston
Stephen Price
Mike Rae

Michael Ray
Eric Rebenkoff
Michael Dan Reese
Elizabeth Roby
Daniel Roger
Beverly Sanchez
Lindsay Schumacher
Douglas Shelling
Sarvjeev Sidhu
Clay Sikes
Shawn Smith
Andrew Sorem
Brianna Steffes
Aimee Tesoro
John Thornton
Mary Tresnak
Richard Van Beek
Rob Vetere
Vickie Vlasek
Sharon Whallen
Robert Wilcox
Allison Williams
Selena Prioleau Williams
Richard Wirth
Arthur Woods
Brett Woodyatt
Mark Zimmerly
Vickie Zittergruen

"Contributions or gifts to the Transamerica PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The amount requested is only a suggestion. You can give more or less than the suggested amount. The Transamerica PAC is a voluntary employee fund supporting candidates for federal and state office in a position to support legislative proposals important to our business. Contributions are voluntary and you may choose not to contribute without any reprisal. Federal law requires PACs to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and employer for each individual contributor aggregating more than $200 in a calendar year. Contributions must be made in your name. In order to contribute to the Transamerica PAC, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. If you are not eligible and received this communication in error, please delete and report to PAC Treasurer, Jeanne de Cervens so you are removed from future communications. Transamerica Corporation Political Action Committee (Transamerica PAC),, 202-618-4336