Like any good organization, we believe in good corporate governance. In our Bylaws we explain how our PAC operates and how our activities are determined. We conduct an interal audit on a biennial schedule to ensure our PAC has a clean bill of health. We also have a Business Policy on Political Involvement. This policy establishes business practices regarding political activity of employees and business units. It provides rules regarding engagement of lobbyists, contributions by business units to candidates, and involvement of employees in political activity generally, and much, much more. The Board of Directors supervises the administration of the PAC and approves the disbursement plan.

The Transamerica PAC is governed by a Board of Directors.

Mark Mullin
Mark Bloom
Blake Bostwick
Julie Tschida Brown
Kent Callahan
Joel Coleman
Louise Costikyan
Eric Martin
Scott Ramey

Mark Mullin, Chairman
Jeanne de Cervens, Treasurer
Jay Orlandi, Asst. Treasurer
Maurice Perkins, Asst. Treasurer

For more information please contact:

Annie Webb
PAC Manager
600 13th Street NW, Suite 400B
Washington, DC 20005
Office: 202.618.4336
Email Annie